From Mother to Mother : Recipes from a family kitchen by Lisa Faulkner

9781471125621 Simon and Schuster
The cookbook every mother has been waiting for: a down-to-earth collection of recipes for families to enjoy every day of the week, and to share from mother to mother. Filled with 100 delicious, quick and easy dishes, Lisa Faulkner's latest book celebrates the joy of cooking and sharing recipes between family and friends. 'I believe that many of us cook and create by being given nuggets of inspiration.

We take recipes and cook from them, and then we tweak them and add things and cook them again. That to me is the joy of cooking: sharing a love of food, a memory of why something tasted so good.' Lisa Faulkner Like most mums, Lisa Faulkner is always thinking of recipes for her family which are tasty and nourishing. Talking to other mothers and swapping recipes has been the greatest source of inspiration for her, so she invited those of her friends who are mothers to share their secrets in her brand new cookbook, From Mother to Mother.

Lisa asked them what they liked to cook; what their family fallbacks are; their comfort dishes; and the meals they make for their families when time is short. This is a stunning collection of family recipes inspired by the women who know exactly what to put on the table when there are hungry mouths to feed, occasions to celebrate or when you simply want to create a delicious meal for your family to enjoy any day of the week. Containing Poultry, Meat, Fish, Veggie and Sweet recipes such as: Chicken, Pea and Pancetta Bake Cheat's Crispy Duck and Pancakes Ham Hock Carbonara Spicy Baked Eggs Hazelnut, Cherry and Amaretto Meringue Cake Pineapple Upside-down Pud Coconut Polenta Cake with Honey Syrup and Berries
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