Fun of the Fifties: Ads, Fads and Fashion by Robert Opie

9781782435273 Michael O'Mara


A nostalgic celebration of the fabulous fifties. The 1950s was a time of Bakelite phones, Sooty puppets, little blue waxed paper twists of salt in packets of crisps, Spangles and black-and-white television sets. With the birth of rock 'n' roll, a spirit of post-War camaraderie, the end of rationing, the Festival of Britain and the Coronation, this was an optimistic and more innocent time.

The Fun of the Fifties is jam packed with wonderful colour photographs of everything from toys and household items to fashion, food and film posters, and from the magazines and comics we enjoyed to the television programmes we watched, this wonderful collection celebrates one of the UK's most vibrant and celebrated decades. This toast to the Fifties is written and compiled by the Founder and Curator of the Museum of Brands, Robert Opie. This fascinating and hugely popular museum is a time tunnel of over 12,000 original items reflecting the history of consumer culture.

This celebration of one of the most memorable eras will take all those baby-boomers back to days of 1950s childhood innocence that should never be forgotten.

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