Plants, Beds and Borders by Katie Rushworth

9780857832856 Kyle Books


More and more people are beginning to explore the joys of gardening, but all too often they stumble at the first hurdle, unsure of how to plan, plant or properly maintain their dream outdoor space. In Plants, Beds and Borders, Katie Rushworth shares her knowledge and skill to show you how you can completely transform your garden through careful planting and beautiful borders. With her expert guidance, you will learn how to identify the conditions of your garden, and which plants will flourish in it.

She then advises you on how to put together a planting plan, whether you want to achieve a Country Cottage border brimming with lavender and delphinium or a cool and minimalist rockery with tough Alpine plants. Katie also guides you through making the right choices at the garden centre, planting your border and maintaining it so that it remains a beautiful focal point all year round.

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