Paper Caper by Tim Topps

9781784624491 Matador


The Paper Caper starts at the beginning of the Cold War, in a very laid-back army depot full of staff visibly unwinding after the previous war. It follows the newly-commissioned (but determinedly unmilitary) Tim Topps, who arrives at the immense depot in 1947. Along with regimental and storehouse duties, Tim is immediately appointed Editor of the depot's weekly newspaper, which he has never seen or even heard of.

Expecting a newsroom bursting with activity when he makes his way to meet his staff, the new editor is met with a small private who is currently operating the paper single-handedly, at a desk in the far corner of the 'Print & Pubs' shed. To no surprise, the paper itself can mostly be found holding a portion of chips at the end of the week. It is soon revealed that Tim's true role as Editor is to expand the paper, using it to trap a Communist 'sleeper' who MI5 have discovered planted within the civilian staff.

He is to be aided by a charming and efficient ATS Corporal, with whom he is doomed to (strictly contrary to army regulations) fall in love. Tim and his assistant eventually narrow down the suspects to one officer, but all is not as it seems. They are led on a chase beyond the depot, to ruined castles up and down the Welsh border, coming to the end of their journey near a fishing village in the south of France.

Here they will confront their enemy for the last time...The Paper Caper is a light-hearted novel that will appeal to fans of history and military novels.