Hurricane Story by Paul Gallico

9781910500057 Uniform Press
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'She was loved and trusted by every man who ever knew her. To the eyes of the young men who looked upon her with warmth and affection she had beauty unsurpassed. To her friends she was gentle, staunch, loyal and a protectress; to her enemies she was a lightning bolt from the skies, a ruthless and total destroyer.

She was unique in the heavens for there was nothing she could not do there when called upon by those who loved and needed her. An inanimate piece of machinery, a mass of tubes, wire, steel, aluminium; she flew like an angel. She had no vices.

In the hands of the young men, who mastered her and became her lovers, she saved England and all the rest of the world that cherished the right of freedom. She was the Hawker Hurricane.' Over 20 photographic images - some previously unpublished - from the world renowned collection at the Imperial War Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum. 2015 is the 70th anniversary of VE Day.