Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War 1939-40 by W R Chorley

9781906537401 Ian Allan


This monumental series has become an essential work of reference for both aviation historians and genealogists. The series covers individual aircraft losses in the European Theatre and identifying units, aircraft, crews and the circumstances behind each loss, day-by-day. Since Volume 1 was first published in 1992 the author has continued to research the subject and amassed a wealth of new information, doubling the number of pages in the second edition.

Not only is the author able to include further details on the aircraft but also on the crews involved to provide more detailed accounts of the losses. For example, the majority of the officers named up to the end of 1940 were short service commission officers and where available their pre-war movements and promotions have been added. Furthermore, the author has been able to unearth a good deal of data relating to accidents that occurred from the formation of Bomber Command in 1936 up to the outbreak of war, and which relate to the Command so the second edition will include for the first time all the losses between 1936 and September 1939.

The author will also incorporate the losses from the OTUs and miscellaneous units that have been reported in Volumes 7 and 8, thus providing a chronological order in one volume for all Bomber Command casualties for the period up to the end of 1940.