Coming Up Roses by Cath Kidston

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Here, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Cath Kidston Ltd is the official autobiography.  Cath Kidston, one of Britain’s most admired designers and highly successful businesswomen, tells her story of the highs, lows and learnings that saw the business grow to become one of the country’s bestselling brands.

From a very early age Cath Kidston loved to play shop – whether she was selling the contents of her mother’s store cupboard back to her or her aunt’s vegetables to passers-by from a tray on the pavement. Almost half a century later Cath Kidston has become an internationally acclaimed household name and playing shop has become a serious game.

From a small shop in West London, Cath Kidston has grown from the seed of a simple idea into an iconic British brand with stores all over the UK and as far away as Japan and Thailand. Coming up Roses throws light on the questions she is most frequently asked about how she started out and how the business has grown during challenging times.

As the company celebrates its 20th anniversary – now with over 100 shops and 1000 employees worldwide – Cath shares the story of how her idea for ‘Modern Vintage’ was born. The book tells of Cath’s eureka moment, seeing print used in a modern, fresh and surprising way on a patterned bath panel, how the business was born and the journey she and the company have taken over the past two decades. Coming Up Roses is the fascinating and insightful story of one of Britain’s best-loved businesses and designers which is sure to inspire and entertain.

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