Digging Up Memories

This journal is hard-backed, case bound with a ribbon book-mark, size 143mm x 206mm x 15mm with 128 pages made from FSC certified paper from well managed forests.
Capture gardening advice, tips, secrets and dig up those great gardening memories with this journal.

Do you remember your mother explaining the best way to grow vegetables, or your father showing you how to plant seeds? Can you recall the gardening tips of your grandparents or that friend who had an allotment down the road?

This is the gift you give... and then get it returned with an amazing collection of the voices and colourful experiences of generations in the garden, recording secrets, stories and gems of knowledge to be shared amongst family and friends.

Example Questions +

What are your earliest memories of your time in the garden?

What would be in your ‘top 10’ list of favourite plants and why?

Tell me about some of your favourite gardens you have seen or visited...

Tell me about some of the gardening tools or gadgets you have used...

What would be your favourite meal made from produce fresh from your garden?

If you could invite anyone from the past or present to your garden, who would they be and why?

If you were to have a plant named after you or planted in your memory, what would it be and why?

How have you protected your plants from attack from pests or animals?

If I wanted to have smooth and ‘croquet lawn’ type grass in my garden... what would you suggest?

How have you dealt with weeds?

Which ones have you tried to remove and which have you encouraged?