Dear Friend, from you to me

This journal is also available printed for Aunties, Uncles Godfather, Godmother,Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, Wife, Cousin(male& female) Soulmate(male & female).  Please state at the time of ordering in the "Your message to us" on the online order form


Everyone has a story to tell... and have you ever wondered just how well you really know that special person in your life?

This version has been carefully created to be suitable for any special friend – male or female – close relation or simple good friend. What are some of the favourite things in their life? Are you intrigued about the experiences they have had and what they have enjoyed? Do you want to understand more about their hopes and dreams? Are you interested in learning more about your relationship with them?

This Journal is full of around 60 wonderful questions carefully designed to inspire your special friend to share their personal story with you and provide a priceless collection of experiences and memories to be treasured.

Example Questions +

Tell me about the time and place you were born...

What do you remember about the place/s you lived when you were young?

Tell me some stories about your close family...

Who was your first love?

Tell me what you thought when we first met...

Describe some of your fondest memories of the times we have spent together...

Describe the funniest things that have happened to us...

Tell me what you like about me...

Is there anything you would change about me?

What would you still love us to do together?

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be and why?

Given your experiences, what advice would you like to offer me?