Dear Son, from you to me

This journal is hard-backed, case bound with a ribbon book-mark, size 143mm x 206mm x 15mm with 128 pages made from FSC certified paper from well managed forests.
Everyone has a story to tell … and have you ever wondered just how well you really know your own Son? What are some of the favourite things in his life? Are you intrigued about the experiences he has had and what he has enjoyed? Do you want to understand more about his hopes and dreams? Are you interested in learning more about your relationship with him?

This Journal is full of around 60 wonderful questions carefully designed to inspire every son to share his personal story.

It is perfect for a son of any age and gives him the opportunity to find that ‘book’ within him... and to share a story that you will both treasure forever.

Example Questions +

What are some of your earliest memories?

Tell me about some of the best things that have happened to you...

Who did you most admire or look up to when you were younger and why?

Thinking of your time at school, what do you think I am most proud of about you?

What have you most enjoyed doing with our family . . . and least enjoyed?

What do I do that you appreciate and would like me to carry on doing?

What sort of person did you think you would grow to be and have you got there yet...

Where would you like to travel to?

Tell me about some of the things you would still like to do in your life...

What is the best piece of advice you have been given... and how has it influenced you?

What qualities would you most like to be known for?

What would you like to do or have a go at in the next year?