Dear Grandad, from you to me

This journal is hard-backed, case bound with a ribbon book-mark, size 143mm x 206mm x 15mm with 128 pages made from FSC certified paper from well managed forests.
Everyone has a story to tell … and have you ever wondered just how well you really know your Grandad? Life is a fascinating journey and some aspects are often shared with others, however most stories and moments are never recorded.

This Journal is full of around 60 wonderful questions carefully designed to inspire every grandfather to tell his personal story.

Celebrate your Grandfather’s amazing story and give him the opportunity to find that ‘book’ within him... and provide a priceless collection of experiences and memories to be treasured.

Example Questions +

What are your earliest memories?

Please detail what you know of our family tree...

What do you remember about the place/s you lived when you were a child?

What sort of pets did you have when you were young and what were their names?

What did you want to do when you grew up?

What chores had to be done when you were young that aren’t needed to be done today?

What age were you when you started work?

Tell me about the jobs you have had...

Tell me about a special piece of music that you and my grandmother had ‘just for you’...

Tell me what my mum / dad was like when they were younger...

How did you feel when you were told you were going to be a grandparent?

Can you see any characteristics in me that come from other people in our family?