Pennant November 2016

1920s Fashion by Emmanuelle Dirix and Charlotte Fiell

9781783130146 Carlton Books

Bayonets for Hire by William Urban

9781848328280 Frontline Books

Betrayal of an Army, Mesopotamia 1914-1916 by N S Nash

9781473843769 Pen and Sword

Blood and Fears by Kevin Wilson

9781474601627 Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Boom by Russell Miller

9780297871057 Weidenfeld & Nicolson

British Armoured Car Operations in World War 1 by Bryan Perrett

9781473861183 Pen and Sword

Churchill's Navy by Brian Lavery

9781844863365 Bloomsbury

Contact by Bob Tuxford

9781910690222 Grub Street

Co-Ops Got Bananas by Hunter Davies

9781471153402 Simon and Schuster

Crecy 1346 by Richard Barber and Peter Hoskins

9781473827011 Pen and Sword

Extinguished Flame by Nigel McCrery

v Pen and Sword

Fighting for the News by Brian Best

9781848324374 Pen and Sword

Forever Vigilant by Graham Pitchfork

9781910690147 Grub Street

Gunner on the Somme by W R Price Introduced by Mark Pottle

9780750969826 History Press

Harrier Boys Volume 2 by by Bob Marston

9781910690178 Grub Street

Highlanders' Revenge by Paul Tors

9781785892691 Matador

Horch and the Rotterdam Ingots by R W Strachan

9781910878514 Book Guild

Hurricane Pocket Manual compiled by Martin Robson

9781844863044 Conway

India Conquered by Jon Wilson

9781471101250 Simon and Schuster

Ingenious Victorians By John Wade

9781473849013 Pen and Sword

Malta's Greater Seige & Adrian Warburton by Paul McDonald

9781473860087 Pen and Sword

Medieval Mercenaries by William Urban

9781848328549 Frontline Books

Mosquito Pocket Manual compiled by Martin Robson

9781844863068 Bloomsbury

Poles in Defence of Britain by Robert Gretzyngier

9781910690154 Grub Street

Reflections of a Regiment by Justine Taylor & Ian Denning


Riddle of the Sphinx and Pother Puzzles by Tim Dedopulos

9781780978741 Carlton

Saladin and the Fall of Jerusalem by Stanley Lane-Poole

9781848328747 Pen and Sword

Scourge of Henry VIII by Melanie Clegg

9781473848382 Pen and Sword

Secret War by Max Hastings

9780007503742 William Collins

Sir John Moore by Janet MacDonald

9781473833944 Pen and Sword

Somme: Into the Breach by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore

9780670918386 Viking

Stalin's Englishman by Andrew Lownie

9781473627383 Hodder

Tanks by Robin Cross and David Willey

9780233004952 Andre Deutsch

The Battle of Minden 1759 by Stuart Reid

9781473847330 Pen and Sword

The Complete Scrimgeour compiled by Richard Hallam and Mark Benyon

9781844863105 Bloomsbury

The Great War Illustrated 1916 by Jack Holroyd & William Langford

9781473881570 Pen and Sword

The Gunsmoke Still Lingers by Ann O'Neill

9781908531544 Gilgamesh

The Secret World of the Brain by Dr Catherine Loveday

9780233004938 Carlton

The Somme by Richard Van Emden

9781473855212 Pen and Sword

The 'Tattie' Lads : The Untold Story of the Rescue Tug Service in Two World Wars and its Battles to Save Cargoes, Ships and Lives

9781844864010 Conway

Tornado Boys by Ian Hall

9781910690130 Grub Street

Viking Nations by Dayanna Knight

9781473833937 Pen and Sword

Warship 2016 edited by John Jordan

9781844863266 Bloomsbury

With the Guns 1914-1918 by Stanley Foxall & John Jones

9781473860650 Pen and Sword

X Platoon by Steve Heaney MV with Damien Lewis

9781409148500 Orion